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Supporting todays businesses with the latest innovation within payment technology.

Our dedicated team of industry experts know what it takes to provide you with the best payment solutions, whether you are a global brand or a boutique coffee shop.

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We have access to the very latest in payment terminals. Whether you need a simple countertop terminal or an enhanced smart device, we have got you covered.


With the latest technology, taking payments via the phone has never been easier. Our virtual terminal comes equipped with fraud prevention tools as standard.


Low cost payment gateways that are easy to implement, our easy to use guide will allow you to seamlessly integrate with your existing or new website.


Fully integrated systems for businesses that take card payments in different ways. We are not ones to run away from a challenge, we love projects like this. Why don’t you tell us about your business, plans and goals and let us help build it?


Enabling simple yet effective payments

Pago Payments was built to simplify payments and provide the right product for your business


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Before we begin, we'll ask you to fill in your business profile. This will contain all the information we require in order to begin working on providing the best product for your business.


We'll review your application

Once we've learned about your business profile, we'll plan  the best payment solution to suit your business. We'll contact you to discuss the details and get you the right payment solution set-up.


Set-up and support you

As soon as your account is approved, we start the set-up process. You will then be given a dedicated account manager who will ensure your set up goes smoothly  

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A UK-based team who are available 24/7. A dedicated account manager who know's how to handle your business needs. Here to help you.

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By getting to know your business we are able to achieve record breaking set up times. Need an extra hand? Ask about our onsite assistance and training.


Works seamlessly

We’re all ears. Do you use management software, CRM, accountancy package or EPOS. Let’s talk about how we can integrate Pago Payments into your working environment.


Switch to save

Through our banking partnerships we are able to negotiate on your behalf which in turn can save on card fee's compared to many alternative payment providers.

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Our goal is to maximise your revenues with the right payments solution.

We provide the support and knowledge to help your business grow in the direction you need.

We work closely with each business in order to help them genuinely improve their business operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have queries, please visit our FAQ page or contact us

What is integrated payments?

f your terminal is integrated with your electronic point of sale system (EPOS) it is equipped with our secure integrated payment technology. It shares information with your EPOS to help your business be more efficient.

What is PCI compliance and why does it matter?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is the global standard for handling card data. All businesses accepting card payments are required to follow these standards to become officially ‘PCI compliant’.

Why it is necessary to have SSL certificate?

SSL Certificates secure data being passed from browser to browser. If a secured browser passes data to an unsecured browser then a warning can appear. SSL certificates are required with Direct Integration

What is a merchant account?

A merchant account is essential for taking card payments. It controls the transaction process between the card holders bank and your business bank account.

How long does set up take?

Depending on your business, a low risk merchant can be set up within 3 days of application. We take as much information as possible during the application process to help speed things up.

How to view my transactions?

During the set up of your merchant account, we will provide log-ins to our customer portal that will show all of your transactions.